Wednesday, October 13, 2004


The next day I woke up bright and early, showered, - willing myself to again get on the train and take the journey into the city.  I glanced at the wall clock in the kitchen above the refrigerator...the minutes were moving...I had to move.  I gathered my jacket, pocketbook - yelled goodbye to my Mom and ran for the station.  It was only two blocks from our apartment but I was supposed to meet Jimmy and travel into the city with him...I think he was trying to give me some moral support.

Slightly winded I reached the station platform and spied Jimmy about twenty feet from me.  He and I had been dating for about two years and had been friends throughout high school. Jim was really special, very kind, very caring.  He asked me how I felt this morning about what happened the day before.  I told him that I was still upset, but I needed to get over it and concentrate on finding a real job.

We both got off the train at the Wall Street exit...I headed for the agency.  When I arrived there I found that they had arranged three appointments for me.  The first one was with a small publishing firm as a secretary...the interview went well I thought. The man who conducted the interview made the position sound really nice and interesting.  The second appointment was a few blocks away so I walked to it...this one was again with a stock brokerage...there I had to take a typing test...I know I passed. The third interview was with a Japanese Import=Export Company on Church Street.

The people there were very friendly, the position was to be a secretary to three bosses, preparing bills of lading, filling import or export orders, customer service...and fill in on the PBX board when necessary...oh, also learn the teletype machine. I thought that I did well on the interview.  I made my way back to the Agency...the way it worked then...the agency would find out which company wanted to hire me and would let me know after the interview process.   Well, as luck would have it...all three wanted to hire it was my choice.

This is where when you look back on your life you question and ask "What if?"  I choose the Japanese Import Export Company- Okura & Co., Inc. little knowing that by doing so I would open a wonderful chapter in my life.  Life's little choices...such small things can mean such a constantly amazes me. 

My choice proved to be a good one...after about six months of working there I wound up getting a small studio apartment of my own just to try my wings a bit.  Should of month after this I found a lump in my breast and wound up facing surgery at age 19.   Doctor Bruce had told me to keep positive that it was highly unlikely to be cancerous.  I can still remember the terror I did new company was wonderful..thank God my insurance coverage had kicked in and they were going to let me have three weeks to recuperate. 

Well, the surgery was scheduled - they would do a biopsy while I was on the table, if it came back positive they would proceed with the removal.  I can remember coming to in the post op room and trying to see if I was whole or not. Finally a nurse came over and told me that it had been a benign tumor..which they had removed. I remember thanking God, saying a prayer and falling into an extremely deep sleep for the first time in weeks.

Life can sometime be strange....but I have always found it interesting.


davistailgunner said...

Good for you!  A thing like that can be scarey, especially since so much advertising photography shows women with prominent Up Fronts.  Hang in there!

davistailgunner said...

Good for you!  A thing like that can be scarey, especially since so much advertising photography shows women with prominent Up Fronts.  Hang in there!

mzgoochi said...

Thank God Sandi, I'm so glad it was benign. Gosh, you were so young to. It's hard on any woman to lose their breast, but when you're young and it happens, it's just so much harder to deal with being that we put a lot into how we look dressed or not. I hope you still get a yearly mammogram and examine yourself to. Can't be too careful.