Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hi Tatsu Kudasai..or Can You Deliver?

I look back over the years and I am amazed that time has flown so swiftly...I felt it appropriate to continue the story of Kenji's today December his 40th birthday. It seems like only yesterday I held him in my arms and rocked him to sleep.

Back to the past, where my deep emotions still lay sleeping under a cloudy haze.  As I have said before Kenji was a very happy baby, he laughed, he giggled, he slept very well right from the beginning.  That was, of course, after we figured out that he had to have double the amount of formula that the doctor said.

Actually by four weeks old I was giving him mushy cereal also, when I went for the three month check up with the doctor, he told me that Kenji was the size of a six month old.  That was a good thing too, because it turned out he was a very active baby.

We had one of those first type built baby walkers, by age four months he was in it and pushing himself around.  He was crawling all over by five months and believe or not (I have pictures) he walked at age nine months.  He was a very determined little boy this son of mine!

One day I had left Kenji in the walker in the livingroom, just for a minute to pop into the next room to check on dinner cooking and when I returned Kenji had moved this very large package that contained stainless steel samples that Tom needed.  He had slipped the lip of the walker under the package, I guess part of it extended over the coffee table and he proceeded to walk away with it balanced on his walker...funniest sight you ever saw.  Oh, how I wish they had video cameras back then.

We had a little side patio off the livingroom and during the summer months to cool off I filled that darn (remember the tub) bathtub up with cool water and sat Kenji in it to play...sitting by him wishing I were small enough to join him. These are some of the memories that I hold dear. The bubbles of laughter from such pure simple joy...stay forever within a Mother's heart.

Happy Birthday Kenji.....