Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Hi! I'm stuck in the 60's but that's okay alot of funny stuff went on..such as:

The week that my parents were with us in Tokyo was interesting to say the least.  I had decided to keep my two sisters with us and let my parents have a little time for themselves, which was a rarity.  Mom & Dad stayed in a downtown hotel on the llth floor in a very comfortable western style room.

Only problem was, there wasn't a mirror long enough for my Mom to be able to see her hemline and whether her slip was showing (a big no-no in those days).   So up jumps my Mom onto the bed to be able to see herself in dresser mirror - WELL! At that precise moment in time a MAJOR earthquake occurs, I think it clocked in at about 5-6 on the Ricter scale.

You have to get this picture set in your mind...Mom jumps on bed, bed started rocking & rolling to beat the band....Dad didn't know what to grab first.. and Mom believes she's broken the bed! Neither had ever experienced the earth moving under them.

Their building was swaying back & forth..the higher you get the more sway.  It, fortunately, didn't do much damage to their building, our house came out of it with a few small cracks & some broken china inside....but thankfully no one was hurt.

So, I have the luxury of looking back on an earthquake and thinking I just had to laugh.


northwestwahine1 said...

You brought back a flood of memories with that one! I don't actually remember the earthquake, which is surprising. Got to experience plenty of minor ones when I lived in the San Francisco Bay area though. Love, Charlene

aiibrat said...

hehe...your poor Mom.  I can totally see her tripping out thinking she broke the bed.  -=)

avlncosmic said...

And to think that all some Parents receive from their daughters at a wedding is the bill.I bet mom and dad never forgot that trip!